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Health and Safety

The Manawatu A&P Association is required to conform to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015; therefore you are required to carry out your work or undertaking on the Manfeild Park premises to comply with this Act.  As a show exhibitor at this venue you are obligated to accept responsibility for ensuring a safe showing venue within the focus of the Act. As a user of these facilities, you are required to manage and supervise all your activities and live animal exhibits to ensure the good Health and Safety of all people involved in the show, at all times


  • All vehicles, caravans and floats requiring power must have a Warrant of Electrical Fitness that meets legislation standard AS/NZS 3001.
  • Any and all electrical equipment, including extension power leads, must be tested and tagged with a current tag (Standard AS/NZS3760).
  • Vehicles and leads may be checked during the show, on a strictly ‘user pays’ basis.
  • Anyone bringing in or in charge of the use of any motorized bike, two, three or four wheeled, must be trained in its use and must wear a safety helmet at ALL times when using it.
  • As Manfeild Park is a public place, bike riders must have a current Drivers’ Licence.
  • Quad bikes must not carry passengers, and no-one under the age of 16 is permitted to operate a quad bike.
  • Motor bike riders must observe a speed limit of 15 k/p/hour at all times, anywhere on the showgrounds.

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